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Welcome to LK Designs! This is my personal collective of websites. The site is build up out of 4 divisions so to speak. There is the main part, which is where you are now. Then there is my business/design division, which will be up for a change once I have my starting capital together. Furthermore there is my fanlistings collective LunaM. And lastly there is my portfolio, my dislay of any and all artistic works.

I will soon be hosting several
artistic challenges =), so be sure to check back! Enjoy your stay and come back soon!

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New LayoutJune 15th, 2019

So, we're 5 days past my 28th birthday and I figured it was about high time I updated the layout a little.
We're still rollin' wth Rowlet, cuz let's be fair, he's cute little thing.
Not much to say at the moment. I'm going with the flow that we call life, working hard,
I recently applied for a permanent function at the company I've been working at for a year now, so keeping my fingers crossed that I get it =).
What else have I been up to? We'll together with a friend of mine we're working on setting up a private game server.
Neither of us has ever done that before, so basically it's figuring things out as we go.
But so far it has been a fun and interesting proces, so we are hoping topull it off eventually!

That's about it for now, I still have plas to spice this place up a little, but we will see when I actually get to doing it xD.
Ta ta for now pals!
^_^February 26th, 2018

Yay! An update! I'm so proud of myself, it only took me a year! (note the sarcasm!)
I hope you are all well, that is asuming someone ever visits here :o lol.
Nothing spectacular was added, other than my portfolio of kitchen creations aka things that I've baked.
Other than that this is just some maintenance for now. I realy should get to work on adding some more things to here..

Till the next time!
Catching up!May 19th, 2017

It seems like I did it again :x.. I never was good at keeping a regular blog or journal going lol.
It's not for the lack of trying tho! I promise! Anyway what have I been upto lately...
I've been on a flower/cellphone-photography spree I suppose you could call it.
I've been wanting to expand my photography portfolio, however I seem to always find myself without
camera and with only my cellphone on hand, so I've been using that to take my pictures.
If you're interested in some of my random snapshots, then feel free to follow me on my instagram.

My trigger finger aside, I've been doing some baking for fun and also for my Dad's birthday which was earlier this month.
Ofcourse as I love baking, I tend to be proud of my creations so I generally end up
capturing them on camera aswell and posting them on my instagram lol xD.

Other than filling my instagram I have been putting some activity back in my fanlisting activities.
I own several myself and have joined too many to count. Check out my fanlistings collective LunaM
for the ins and outs of my FL-life. If you are looking for fl codes or layouts even, send me a message
and I will gladly offer my services. if you want to see the codes I have made/donated so far then check out my fanlistings-related DeviantArt page.

When I revamped my little corner here, I said I would be starting up some challenges soon,
I haven't yet gotten around to it, but I will strife to do so sometime this month. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow.
Who knows when I remember I wanted to do that *insert eyeroll*, I tend to forget things alot, even the things I think of myself.

Ciao for now!
Cupcakes !Oct 20th, 2016
So last weekend I've decided it was time to do some baking again. Since it's been quite a while.
My grandma gifted us with quite an amount of walnuts and I decided to do something with them.
The result is what I decided to call, Walnut Duo Cupcakes.
As the base for my recipe I used the recipe for basic cupcakes from Laura's Bakery.

My recipe follows below.

Walnut Duo Cupcakes


180gr Butter
135gr Sugar
8gr Vanillasugar
4 Eggs
180gr Self-rising flour
50gr Peeled walnuts
1pinch of Salt
2 dessert spoons of Cacao


Preheat the oven on 175C.
Put the cracked walnuts in boiled water for about 30 seconds,
then remove them and place them in cold water.
This will prevent them from cooking any further than necesary.
Once you've done that they are much easier to peel.
Peel the walnuts and put them in a bowl to the side for now.


Mix the butter, suger and vanillasugar in a bowl to a creamy mass.
Add the eggs one by one and keep mixing until they are completely absorbed into the dough.
Add the salt and self-rising flour bit by bit and mix until you get an airy mixture.
Then add the peeled walnuts and mix them through the dough.
Now separate the dough in roughly two equal halfs.
Set one half to the side.

Take the other haf of the dough and add two generous dessert spoons of cacao.
Make sure it's well mixed. You now have 2 different doughs.
Divide the dough over your cupcake tins,
make sure you have a bit of both doughs in every tin.

If all goes well you should be able to make roughly
21 regular sized cupcakes with this recipe.
Bake the cupcakes in the middle of the preheated oven for about 20 minutes on 175C.
It's best to let them cool off in the oven so that they can continue cooking while cooling.

I hope you enjoy the cupcakes as much as I did mine!

RevampedOct 10th, 2016
Welcome to my newly revamped website!
I decided to move things around a little and push through a big update. A new layout, a new setup and for me a restart to what I hope will be a more creative era for me.