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Welcome to LK Designs! This is my personal collective of websites. The site is build up out of 4 divisions so to speak. There is the main part, which is where you are now. Then there is my business/design division, which will be up for a change once I have my starting capital together. Furthermore there is my fanlistings collective LunaM. And lastly there is my portfolio, my dislay of any and all artistic works.

I will soon be hosting several
artistic challenges =), so be sure to check back! Enjoy your stay and come back soon!

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Name: LK Designs. LK comes from my name Lieke
Webmistress: Lieke aka Liz.
Online since: May 3rd 2014
Layout: #6
Current layout: Ft. Rowlet one of the starter Pokémon from Pokémon Sun & Moon
Comments: My website recently has been through a transformation.
Before it hosted my starting business that I wanted to name LK Designs.
However due to registration guidelines with the Dutch version of the ICC,
I found out that upon registrating I'd have to choose a different name.
Thus I decided to change it back to my personal website once more.
Currently it will still host my budding business website
(the name changed to Green Dawn Designs -GD Designs in short),
until I have officially got that from the ground with it's own domain.
AffiliatesOct 24th, 2016
There currently are no affiliates =(.
If you would like to become one then please contact me!

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Corel Paint Shop Pro - Graphic design & editing.
Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer - Coding.

http://ishoutbox.com/ - Shoutbox.
http://google.com/ - General inspiration.
http://one.com/ - Domain & Hosting.

http://bluekomadori.tumblr.com/ - Image use.
http://snivy101.deviantart.com/ - Pixel art use.
Any other images not mentioned belong to their respective owners!