About Green Dawn

Green Dawn (GD for short) is a company that mainly focuses on but is not limited to the design and creation of websites and graphics. GD offers a variety of services including webdesign, corporate design and the occasional graphic design. To design the websites, logo's, flyers, leaflets and corporate design Green Dawn uses a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Corel PaintShop Pro. For the actual website building GD mainly makes use of HTML/CSS and JQuery. Any pictures used by the company are owned by GD or provided by their clients, unless otherwise stated.

Green Dawn originally started under the name LK Designs, but for marketing purposes changed their name to it's current one. The company was establish by it's current owner, Lieke, around 2015 but it's roots and origins came into exsitance some time before that.

"I have an academical history of web- and graphic design combined with communication and information management. Add to that an interest in html and creating things since I was still in primary school, it wasn't surprising that I grew interested in webdesign as more than just a hobby. During my college years I developed an additional interest in Photography and now I try to incorporate that into my designs as much as possible."

"My goal is to freelance through my company, but eventually also sell items baring my graphical and photographical creations. The Company's main focus lies with graphic- and webdesign, but if our photography works catch people's attention then we are very much open for photography requests."