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Fanlisting: Unwritten Words
FL Category: Hobbies and Recreation, Music Miscellany - General Music Related
Subject: Songwriting
Members: 4 (+0 Pending)
Newest members: Elisabeth
Created on: July 8th 2009
Last updated: 17th August 2018
Owner: Elisabeth
Part of: LunaM Collective
Contact: Mail me.
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What is a songwriter?

A songwriter is someone who writes the lyrics, as well as the musical composition or melody to songs. One who writes only lyrics is a lyricist, while one who writes only music is a composer.
Some one who writes his own music and lyrics and preforms them as well is called a singer-songwriter.

Songwriter Musicians

Songwriters are also often talented musicians. In addition to selling their songs and musical concepts for other artists to sing, songwriter musicians create songs to perform themselves. Custom Songs are one of the many ways songwriter musicians are able to create, perform and sell their musical creations. Several elements that may be employed during the songwriting process include:
- Vocal melody
- Instrumental melody
- Harmony
- Structure
- Dynamics
- Arrangement

- Source: wikipedia.org


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