Wormtail ~ Peter Pettigrew


Animal form: Rat
Born: c. 1960
Died: March 1998 (aged 37)
Blood-status: Half-blood or Pure-blood
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair colour: Mousy brown
Eye colour: Blue
Skin colour: Pale


Since the times of the plague in the 14th-century rats have been symbolic of uncleanliness and impurity. Their quiet nature often has connotations of sneakiness. Note that Pettigrew does not become a snake, who have largely the same symbolism as rats. This is good evidence that he was not a Slytherin at school. Also, rat is slang for snitch or informant, and, in his later life, Pettigrew did indeed inform Voldemort where the Potters were hiding.

- Source: HarryPotter.Wikia.com