Moony ~ Remus John Lupin


Animal form: Wolf (Werewolf)
Born: 10 March 1960
Died: 2 May 1998 (aged 38)
Blood status: Half-Blood
Species: Human/Werewolf
Gender: Male
Hair colour: Light brown flecked with grey
Eye colour: Green/Amber
Skin colour: Light


Wolves, similarly to dogs, signify valor and guardianship. In the study of dreams, werewolves often represent an inner struggle or battle. This is certainly the case with Lupin, considering his desire to be accepted by his trouble-making friends and his desire to repay Dumbledore's chance to attend Hogwarts often collide. Furthermore, the Roman mythology tells the story about a boy named Remus, who was abandoned in the woods by his mother and was raised by wolves. His brother was Romulus - a nickname Remus Lupin uses as coverage on the radio, in the last book.

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