the Name

The name Everything I Own, comes simply from the song it self. It's aline in the chorus:

I'm Sleeping with the memory
I'm sleeping with regret
I'm sleeping with the fantasy
That I can't let go of yet
Half of me is you
Everything I own
I feel you beside me
Oh I'm not sleeping alone
I'm not sleeping alone
I'm not sleeping alone
You think I'm out on my own
I'm not sleeping alone

It basically means that half of who he is exsist of the person the song is about, and that that is all he owns.

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Fanlisting: Everything I Own
Subject: the song - I'm Not Sleeping Alone
Members: 1
Created on: March 29th 2009
Part of: LunaM Collective.
Owner: Elisabeth
Contact: Mail me.
Credit: Google.


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